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Every day, 830 women die from avoidable causes connected to pregnancy and delivery throughout the world, according to the World Health Organization. One of the primary reasons is that during pregnancy, families endure significant financial burdens, which may prevent them from receiving critical health care. It is obvious that financial pressures have an influence on maternity care. O-wallet is a healthcare financing platform that can store, receive, transact, and request money for medical treatment and related expenses. It goes beyond women’s healthcare financing and beyond achieving SDG 8. More updates are coming soon.

In today’s world, healthcare expenses can often become overwhelming and financially burdensome for individuals and families. Enter O-Wallet—an innovative healthcare financing platform designed to address these challenges and provide a comprehensive solution for managing medical expenses.

O-Wallet represents a significant advancement in healthcare financing, helping individuals and families better manage their medical expenses. By providing a secure and user-friendly platform for storing, receiving, transacting, and requesting funds, O-Wallet aims to alleviate the financial burdens associated with healthcare, ultimately improving access to essential medical treatments and services.

Key Features and Benefits:

Secure Storage

O-Wallet offers a secure and encrypted digital wallet where users can store their funds earmarked for medical expenses. This ensures that the money set aside for healthcare remains safe and easily accessible when needed.

Receive Funds

Users can receive funds from various sources, such as employers, insurance providers, family members, or even crowdfunding efforts, directly into their O-Wallet. This feature simplifies the process of collecting funds for medical needs.


O-Wallet facilitates seamless transactions for medical expenses. Users can make payments to healthcare providers, pharmacies, and other medical service providers directly from their wallet. The platform supports various payment methods, including digital payments, bank transfers, and more.

Request Funds

When faced with unexpected medical bills or urgent treatments, users can send fund requests to their network of friends, family, or supporters. This crowdfunding feature allows individuals to rally financial support during critical times.

Expense Tracking

O-Wallet provides tools for tracking medical expenses. Users can categorize and monitor their healthcare spending, making it easier to manage their budget and plan for future medical needs.

Integration with Insurance

For those with health insurance, O-Wallet can seamlessly integrate with insurance providers to streamline the claims process and ensure timely reimbursement.


O-Wallet is designed to be user-friendly and accessible through web and mobile applications, making it easy for individuals to manage their healthcare finances on the go.

Privacy and Security

O-Wallet places a strong emphasis on data privacy and security. Advanced encryption and authentication measures are in place to protect user information and financial data.

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