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Digitization Platforms

1. Orbit EHR for Providers

Orbit Electronic Health Records (EHR) product, designed to revolutionize healthcare documentation and information management. The EHR is a comprehensive solution that streamlines the recording, storage, and retrieval of patient medical records in a secure and efficient manner. By harnessing the power of technology, our EHR product aims to enhance healthcare providers’ ability to deliver high-quality care, improve patient outcomes, and optimize administrative processes. The user-friendly interfaces, advanced features, and robust data security measures, the platform is poised to transform the way healthcare professionals handle and utilize medical records, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Furthermore the platform serves both the public and private care providers with clinical and practice management tools.

2. Orbit Cloud EHR: Revolutionizing Healthcare Data Management

Orbit Cloud EHR, has ushered in a transformative era in the healthcare industry, leveraging technology to optimize healthcare processes, elevate patient care, and bolster operational efficiency within medical facilities. The innovative features of Orbit’s Cloud EHR enable healthcare providers to gain instant access to patient records from any location or device, fostering collaboration across disciplines. By automating administrative tasks, reducing paperwork, and minimizing manual data entry, the system enhances efficiency and streamlines operations. Furthermore, it addresses challenges associated with limited internet infrastructure, ensuring accessibility even in remote areas. Orbit’s Cloud EHR also empowers patients by granting them access to their health information and facilitating remote consultations, thereby promoting patient engagement and expanding healthcare reach.


Key Features and Benefits:

Tablet First Design

Our system is designed based on the tablet first design approach, so that it can work on any device. The system can respond to any device (mobile, tablet and laptop) irrespective of their size. The fact that the system works very well on different devices will increase mobility of staff and decrease cost of additional infrastructure.

Accuracy and Validity

The EHR system will have various data input validation techniques, which includes but not limited to text box data check if empty, wrong input format validation,confirmation messages for every major task that were performed by any user and warning messages and error messages notifying the user if there are any human input errors.

Timing and Availability

Orbit Health EHR will be available 24/7 once the server where the system has been installed is up and running. The data recorded on the system will be available at any time for review with proper authorization. The server should always be up and running and it shouldn’t be turned off at any time. In case there is a power outage, the server should have a separate UPS assigned to it so that it will give some time for the generator to kick-start (a stable working generator in the facility is a requirement). A minimal and non-intrusive downtime is expected during updating and maintenance time. In this case, Orbit will notify the institution staff the date and duration of the down time. Usually updating and maintenance will be planned during a period of time the facility is not busy.


Orbit EHR has various security layers that allows authorized personnel to access some features of the system. A user that is given a specific role, for instance store manager role, will only be able to view the features that are allowed for that role. In addition, all the data in the system will be secured and will only be accessed by an authorized person. Furthermore, different security features and firewalls will be applied at different levels. 


Orbit Cloud EHR streamlines the storage and retrieval of patient information, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing the efficiency of healthcare facilities. It offers healthcare providers and staff immediate access to vital patient data from any internet-enabled device, ensuring that critical information is always at their fingertips.

Scalability and Cost-effectiveness

 The cloud-based architecture of Orbit Cloud EHR allows for quick scalability to meet the changing needs of healthcare facilities. This eliminates the need for extensive hardware investments and maintenance costs, making it a cost-effective solution for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Data Security

Security is paramount in healthcare, and Orbit Cloud EHR prioritizes the confidentiality and integrity of patient data. Robust encryption protocols and stringent data protection measures are in place to ensure that sensitive medical information remains secure.


Orbit Cloud EHR seamlessly integrates with existing healthcare systems, Laboratory and imaging as well as simplifying the transition to digital records and ensuring compatibility with various healthcare technologies and data exchange standards.

Comprehensive Healthcare Management

Beyond traditional EHR functionalities, Orbit Cloud EHR offers an all-encompassing solution that includes medical billing, inventory management, and appointment scheduling. This comprehensive approach streamlines healthcare operations and enhances patient care.

User Training and Support

To maximize the benefits of Orbit Cloud EHR, comprehensive training programs.

Clinical & Practice Management


This feature is employed in healthcare facilities to enroll new patients, providing users with a streamlined process for gathering essential information for medical practice.


Streamline the check-in process, verify appointments, and integrate with access control systems, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for patients, visitors, and staff while maintaining stringent data privacy standards.

3. OPD

This module is where users can see the health records of outpatients, and can record new patient health records upon appointment. In this module, the user can record subjective data(chief complaint, HPI, summary, etc), objective information (Physical examination, Laboratory/ Imaging orders, Objective summary). Users can also put a patient’s assessment by searching in predefined dictionaries by standard local and international dictionaries. The user can proceed to treatment by sending medication, ordering procedures, or referring or admitting a patient. 

4. IPD

This service is where the user can see health records of admitted patients: where the patient is admitted, admission requests, discharge requests, and transfer requests. Using this service the user can record new health information about admitted patients.


Unlock a new era of healthcare excellence with our Nursing Module! Designed for nurses, it simplifies vital sign monitoring, allergy history recording, patient triage, and rapid response to doctor’s requests, including procedures

6. OR

Introducing our OR (Operating Room) Appointment Module – the key to surgical precision! Seamlessly schedule OR appointments, capture crucial case data, perform pre-anesthesia assessments, and record operation notes, all in one user-friendly platform.

7. MCH

Experience the future of maternal and child healthcare with our specialized module! Expectant mothers can easily manage their antenatal care, track labor progress, register for delivery, and ensure newborn well-being with our user-friendly platform. Designed to adhere to national standards, it’s your gateway to providing comprehensive, compassionate care.


Discover our cutting-edge Physiotherapy Follow-Up Module, revolutionizing patient care! This dynamic solution allows simultaneous double bookings with doctors and physiotherapists, streamlines consultation and session appointments, and offers a wealth of evaluation forms tailored to treatment focus. Take control of your physiotherapy practice with flexible, accountable package payments and detailed financial reports, ensuring top-notch care and financial transparency.


This is designed for laboratory technicians, it simplifies the retrieval of patient laboratory orders by aligning them with international standards like LOINC. With features like streamlined test selection, clear auditing, and pre-configured data types, you can enhance efficiency and accuracy while meeting the highest quality standards.


Seamlessly receive and record imaging orders, then attach results to specific orders, all in one integrated system.


This module is tailored exclusively for pharmacy role users, it streamlines store and inventory management while simplifying prescription handling.


Equipped user friendly interface. Our EHR generates general hospital activity and clinical reports. 


The finance module manages all payment activates of a patient, pricing list of every service given by the facility, financial group management which is used to manage different kinds of credit patients, service sharing rule which allows sharing of payments from the different service a facility provides, employee sharing rule – allows employees take their standard share of payments from the different service they provide. The finance module allows users to manage their finance details of the facility. 

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